concept / aims
jubilee woods trust statement

aims of the trust
a) tree species
b) education
c) environment
d) artistic
e) community responsibility
f) recreation

Aim of the Trust
a) Tree species
The Jubilee Woods Trust aims to use a selection to use tree and shrub species in each wood that are most suitable for each sites the soil type and the locality of each wood through consultation with ecological advisors.

b) Education
The project will help to raise the awareness of environmental issues, local flora and fauna and the growth cycle of trees through a programme of cross-curricular and extra-curricular educational packages for schools based on each regional/local wood. The educational theme will be expressed within the wood itself to make the visiting public aware of the wildlife and vegetation therein.

c) Environment
The Jubilee Woods Trust aims to further the existing long-term, sustainable bio-diversity of new woodlands created by indigenous trees, shrubs and hedgerows. At the same time the project will contribute to the regeneration and redevelopment of brownfield sites within local communities and British regions.

d) Artistic
Within each wood there will be a monument and pathways depicting the animal historically representing the community or the wood will be planted within the form of the animal itself. Local residents will choose the design that will serve as a legacy of each community.

e) Community responsibility
Being Developed

f) Recreation
The Jubilee Woods Trust aims to encourage and improve the freedom of passage through the British landscape. This will be achieved by incorporating walkways, bridle ways and open spaces within the design of each new wood.